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We created Zaha Park to be the main destination for anyone in the New Capital who is looking for luxury to every aspect of life. It’s the place for every dreamer who want his dreams to come true.

1st Commercial & Administrative Business complex in New Capital ,Various Area Units Starting From 35 M2. Various Use Starting From Coffee Shops. Banking, Restaurant. Bakeries lab,pharmacy Medical scan.

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Zaha Park

Truly enhance human well being. building design needs to move beyond optimizing single parameters such as temperature and single parameters such as temperature and humidity, to more holistic approaches that take their cues in health supporting human behaviors.
We chose the parametric design for our project to represent the futuristic look that represent the concept of The New Capital. that's why we name it Zaha after the famous architect "Zaha Hadid" which 1st very well known for her unique parametric designs
Maximizing Facade Facade Length 175m The design was made to perfectly match the perfect location in El-Amal axis and to get the best out of the wide interface.

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Our unique luxury design techniques offer magnificent advantages for engineering and manufacturing processes, our dedicated architects emerge to apply these methods in their creation of design suggesting solutions at an earlier stage of the process Through the coupling of architectural design with parametric modelling methods. the paper presents novel techniques that enhance architects' contribution to building processes based on parametric design creation.


Often Linked With the concept of Equivalence of Access'; by which the separated unit 's required to supply access products and services on an equivalent basis to all communication providers. including the downstream arms of the separated undertaking.Because we always focus on giving our customers the best experience they can have, Both the Commercial and administration units with two different entrance to insure the luxurious experience we promised


When we choose the location of Zaha Plaza we made sure that our customers will have the most glamorous view in the new capital and in order to enjoy such a view we provide terraces for administrative and commercial units. Either you are enjoying your coffee in the coffee shop or in your office you will be able to enjoy the best view in the new capital can offer.


CCTV - Fire fighting - fire alarms - Elevators and escalators - Reception and customers service - 24/7 security service - Central air conditioning - Mall management - Electronic gales - Parking garages - kids area - internal and external finishes - Full maintenance services - Solar energy - Administrative (Fully finished) - Medical (Fully finished) - Alarm System - Corridor 3m (Administrative I Medical)

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